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Pushpin Attached Heat Sinks (no attachment tab)

Pushpin Attached Active Heat Sinks
  • Pushpin and spring combinations can be chosen to suit each particular PCB thickness and chip size.
Proven Design

Pushpins are a popular mechanical attachment, offering flexibility & reliability at reasonable cost.

pushpin spring photo 1
Flexible Design

Hole location and attachment forces can be customized for each specific application.

pushpin spring photo 2
Simple & Easy

Captive pushpins and springs allow for a simple installation. Easy!

pushpin spring photo 2

Pushpin attachment has passed all shock and vibration testing.

Attachment Force

Appropriate attachment force/pressure can be consistently generated through pushpin/spring selection.

High Performance

High performance interface materials including phase change and thermal grease can be used instead of tape or epoxy.

Reference: About Pushpin with Spring Attachment

FSP Series
  • Omnidirectional square pin fin heat sinks.
  • Heat Sink and fan can be shipped as an assembly.
catalog 3D CAD RoHS REACH
FSP Series Heat Sink Model Base Size (mm) Height (mm) Hole Pitch (mm) Drawing
FSP40 40 x 40 8, 10, 12, 15,
20, 25
33 x 33 DXF (Heatsink only)
DXF (Fan Assy)
FSP50 50 x 50 43 x 43 DXF (Heatsink only)
DXF (M42 Fan Assy)
DXF (M45 Fan Assy)

FSP Series Heat Sink Model Base Size (mm) Height (mm) Hole Pitch (mm) Drawing
FSP60 60 x 60 8, 10, 12, 15,
20, 25
53 x 53 DXF (Heatsink only)
DXF (Fan Assy)
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