MicroForged/FSW Cold Plates


Alpha introduces New MicroForged/FSW Cold Plates
MicroForged/FSW Cold Plates
We are pleased to announce the launch of our line of Cold Plates.
Our cold plates feature fin sections within the coolant flow path, as depicted in the accompanying image. These fins are created by our MicroForging process, enabling fins of almost any shape.
These fins allow for higher heat transfer and superior performance when compared to traditional cold plates of equal size. The cold plates are enclosed and sealed through FSW welding, eliminating concerns regarding leakage.

fsw cooling block

Customer Inquiries
Customers interested in our cold plate technology should contact our sales department and confirm the following information:
  • Product size (maximum available cold plate size is ~200x200mm)
  • Acceptable Material (current material is 6000 series aluminum)
  • Product specifications (please attach drawings, 3D models, and/or schematics )
  • Estimated quantity
  • Additional specific requirements (such as pipe and tap specifications)
Prototype lead time is ~ 1 week, with production lead time of ~ 2-3 weeks.
We can easily accommodate customization requests including hole pitch, diameter, thread designation, surface treatment, etc...
Also, we can accommodate sample requests, contingent on the details and specifications.

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