Announcement of New Frameless Fan Heat Sinks (FF series)
Issue Date: 01/07/2021
FF series heatsink picture1 FF series heatsink picture2

Alpha has expanded its wide range of off-the-shelf products to meet customer requirements.

Electronic devices have become more powerful and compact, often requiring the use of more efficient heatsinks. At the same time, PCBs have become more densely populated. These factors can make it difficult to properly cool all the devices on a PCB. If there is insufficient airflow, an active fan heatsink solution may be necessary.

Alpha’s new FF series can be a solution to this issue. The FF series incorporates a frameless fan motor, permitting operation in a height limited space. The overall height of the FF series is 11.5mm. The FF series heat sinks are attached to the PCB with push pins and springs. The appropriate attachment force and pressure are generated through careful push pin and spring selection. Selection factors include PCB thickness, chip height, and package size. Current standard base sizes are 50x50mm, 54x54mm, and 60x60mm. Push pin hole locations can be changed if necessary.

New FF series Heat Sinks :
Model name Base size (mm) Overall Height (mm) Hole pitch (mm)
FFM50, FFH50 50 x 50 11.5 43 x 43
FFM54, FFH54 54 x 54 47 x 47
FF60 60 x 60 53 x 53

Please visit our online catalog - FF series for additional details.
Shipments will begin on 01/30/2021.

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