New Online Heat Sink Customization Service
Issue Date: 01/20/2022
Custom heatsink picture1

Alpha has updated the Heat Sink Customization Page.

This service allows our customers to quickly create semi-custom parts, based on our standard catalog items. Available customizations include adding plain/threaded holes, attachment hardware (pushpin, shoulder screw), changing height, base size, surface treatment, as well as many other options.

The user interface was significantly improved, and new functions were added. The following are a few examples of the new functions and features:

  • - 3D view is shown during customizing, allowing instant design visualization
  • - The customer can specify fin removal
  • - 2D/3D drawings and quotes are available in 0-2 business days
  • - Proto lead times are 1-2 weeks with No tooling/NRE fees

Alpha will continue to develop and improve this online tool to support our customers who need custom heatsinks. New functions will be added in the near future.

Please visit Heat Sink Customization Page for details. If you have any question, please contact us.

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