Announcement of New Phase Change Material (TPCM7125)
Issue Date: 2023/03/16
New Phase Change Material

Alpha is pleased to announce the addition of TPCM7125 phase change material to our standard product catalog.

Phase change material is used to fill small gaps and irregularities between the surfaces of heat-generating devices and heat sinks, greatly improving the ability to transfer heat through this interface layer. When this material reaches the phase change temperature of ~ 50°C, it softens and fills the gaps between the heat sink and the device. Phase change material offers superior thermal performance when compared to gap fillers or double-sided adhesive tape. This material can be pre-applied to the heat sink for convenience.

In recent years, the heat loads and thermal densities generated by electronic devices have been increasing significantly, resulting in a growing demand for high-performance interface materials. TPCM7125 offers significantly higher thermal conductivity and lower thermal resistance than existing phase change materials that we carry. This material is an excellent choice for devices with a small contact area size and a high heat load. In addition, new standard cut sizes have been added, allowing customers to choose the appropriate size for their specific application. If required, we can create custom sizes and layouts of this material.

Details of new materials & sizes:

Part Name Manufacture Thickness (mm) Sheet size (mm) New / Available size
TPCM7125 Laird Technology 0.125 229x229 10x10 to 58x58

For additional details, please visit our Thermal Interface page.

Shipments will begin on 3/16/2023.

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